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Your Choice Checking Microsite

As part of Provident Bank's "Your Choice Checking" campaign, we created a microsite for customers to learn more about the products, compare their features, and decide which one would best suit their needs. I'm just a little apprehensive that the youngest Millennials didn't catch my allusion to Smash Mouth's "All Star."

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Mobile Banking Customer Letter

Because Millennials have surpassed both Baby Boomers and Generation X in size and account for more than $3.1 trillion in consumer spending, I urged my marketing director to target that demographic. Eventually, attracting more Millennial customers became a pillar of the bank’s 5 Year Strategic Plan. This mobile banking letter is an example of that effort.

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Cash Back Checking Brochure 

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Provident4Women Email Blast

I was part of the administrative team that launched Provident4Women, a community for women to come together, share wisdom, and better their collective lives. We developed a website, e-newsletter, Facebook page, and LinkedIn group where 20 of our financial experts, women with diverse perspectives and wide-ranging experiences, share practical insights to help women make life-enhancing decisions. Monthly, they post articles and videos on the topics women care about most: family and home, career and business, life goals, and investments. I helped Provident4Women become an award-winning group, with more than 300 e-newsletter subscribers, 320 LinkedIn group members, and 135 likes on Facebook. 

In addition to helping team members find inspiration, craft content, and edit that content, I was responsible for producing my own work. This was an email blast I wrote to promote a video I created for the P4W community.

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Committed to Scare Social Media Contest

I presented the idea for Provident's first-ever Halloween Pet Photo Contest (with a name that nodded to the bank's tagline "Commitment You Can Count On") in a bid to garner more social media engagement — and it worked. In its inaugural year, the contest received only 9 submissions, but it exploded in popularity in its second year, resulting in 37 submissions and thousands —  yes, thousands — of votes, considerably more likes and follows on Facebook and Twitter, and astronomical buzz. It even spurred a spin-off Pet Photo Calendar Contest.

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